Being Qualified to Sell Timberland

October 14, 2022

Find the right real estate agent that is qualified to sell timberland.

Valuing and Selling Timberland

As a licensed professional forester, I have managed timberland for large forest product companies over the past four decades. In that role, I purchased timberland on many occasions from small private timberland owners. Realtors are professionally obligated not to provide specialized real estate services concerning a type of property that is outside their field of competence. As a real estate agent, there are few property types where professionally required experience applies more than valuing and selling timberland. 

Unfortunately, if a timberland owner is not well represented by a professionally qualified real estate agent, they will likely leave thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on the table because they relied on someone who did not know the worth of a timbered property and could not accurately represent their clients’ interests in a timberland sale. It takes very specialized knowledge and experience to value timberland from a market or investment context.  

A realtor’s goal should be to give the property owners accurate information that allows them to sell at full value and leave nothing on the table. Seeking out the right real estate company which has the ability to accurately value and market timberland is worth the time and effort spent.

To find the right real estate agent property owners need to ask about credentials, specialized expertise, and relevant past experience.  The time and cost invested in hiring the right timberland valuation expertise gives property owners the data and confidence to accurately price their timberland. This is an investment that will return its cost, often many times over.

Call me at United Country Musick and Sons. I am the ideal agent for anyone contemplating selling forestland, recreational property or other real estate who seeks highly professional representation and highly effective marketing.