Why United Country Real Estate?

March 30, 2023

What makes United Country stand out.

Why United Country is the Best Choice in Real Estate

“When I'm at a listing appointment I always get asked what makes United Country so great, and as an agent with United Country I could talk about it all day. Here are a few examples of why I not only believe we are so great but also why I believe we are the best choice when it comes to listing your property.   

1) Specialized Marketing Expertise: Our team of marketing professionals specialize in promoting unique properties, such as country homes, ranches, farms, and recreational properties. We have a national network of buyers and sellers, which can help increase the exposure of your property to potential buyers.

2) Local Expertise: We have a vast network of offices and agents located in small towns and rural areas throughout the country. Our local expertise allows us to provide valuable insights and knowledge about the unique aspects of your property and the local real estate market.

3) Personalized Service: We don't just put a sign in your yard and put your property on the MLS and hope for the best. We're a company that values personalized service. We strive to build relationships with our clients and provide them with exceptional customer service throughout the entire buying or selling process.

4) Innovative Technology: We use innovative technology to make the buying and selling process easier for our clients. Our website features detailed property listings, virtual tours, and other tools that can help potential buyers explore your property from anywhere in the world.

5) A Legacy of Success: With over 95 years of experience, United Country Real Estate has a legacy of success in marketing and selling unique properties in rural America. Our reputation and track record speak for themselves.

So if you're selling a small quarter acre lot out in the middle of the woods, buying the legendary four sixes ranch out in Texas (which a United Country agent sold recently) or anything in between, then just know that by using a United Country agent you'll be receiving the best service in the real estate industry.”

- Ron Carver, United Country Smith & Associates Inc

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