Palouse Area Dryland Farm Auction- Idaho

TBD Hwy 95 North, Genesee, Idaho, 83832


MLS: 11055-10392

823. Acres

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Why You'll Love It

Rare Opportunity: Historic Palouse Dryland Wheat Farm for Sale by Online Auction

Discover a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Palouse farming history with the Genesee Farm, a cherished family estate spanning generations. Situated between the vibrant communities of Moscow and Lewiston, Idaho, this iconic property embodies the essence of Palouse agriculture.

Encompassing approximately 823 acres of pristine landscape, with 701 acres tillable, this farm represents the epitome of Palouse dryland wheat farming. The rolling hills and fertile soil of the Palouse region have nurtured this land, yielding bountiful harvests and sustaining generations of farming tradition.

With a documented history of exceptional yields, the Genesee Farm requires no irrigation and is situated in the most consistent and ideal climate zone. Alternating crop rotations between Hard Red Wheat and Garbanzo Beans ensures optimal soil conditions. The average yield for Hard Red Wheat over the past ten years is over 100 bushels per acre, with yields as high as 150 bushels per acre in 2020! Garbanzo bean yields are exceptional as well, averaging 1,635 pounds per acre over the last ten years. The farm’s ideal location ensures optimal crop performance every year, and its close proximity to the Lewiston Seaport (less than 15 miles) enables cost-efficient transportation.

Whether you are driven to expand your farming horizons, seek to capitalize on the burgeoning trend of farm ground investment, or are interested in developing this property for a variety of uses, including agriculture, commercial, or residential, this Genesee Farm is an exceptional opportunity.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of Palouse heritage. Join us for the online auction at and seize the opportunity to make this prestigious property your own.

The Palouse region's coveted farmland is highly valued for several reasons:
1. Fertile Soil: The soil in the Palouse region, primarily composed of wind-blown loess deposits, is exceptionally fertile. This soil is rich in nutrients, making it ideal for growing a variety of crops, particularly wheat, barley, and legumes.
2. Topography: The rolling hills of the Palouse provide excellent drainage for crops, preventing waterlogging and allowing for optimal root growth. This topography also helps reduce soil erosion, preserving the integrity of the land for agricultural use.
3. Climate: The Palouse region experiences a semi-arid climate with warm, dry summers and cool, moist winters. This climate is well-suited for agriculture, providing adequate moisture during the growing season while minimizing the risk of fungal diseases and crop damage from excessive rainfall.
4. Access to Transportation via Lewiston Seaport: The presence of the Port of Lewiston, located on the Snake River, provides crucial access to water transportation for agricultural products grown in the Palouse region. The port allows farmers to efficiently transport crops via barges, connecting them to domestic and international markets. This access to water transportation enhances the economic viability of farming in the Palouse by reducing transportation costs and expanding market reach.
5. Market Demand: The crops grown in the Palouse region, particularly wheat, are in high demand both domestically and internationally. As such, the land in the Palouse is valuable for its ability to produce profitable crops.

Overall, the combination of fertile soil, favorable climate, topography, and market demand makes farmland in the Palouse region highly coveted by agricultural producers.

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Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: TBD Hwy 95 North
  • City: Genesee
  • State: Idaho
  • County: Nez Perce


Date: Tue, Aug 27, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM

Earl Musick

Owner / Broker
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Rick Musick

Realtor / Auctioneer
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